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Ancient Roman Mythology for Kids - Roles & Names of Roman Gods
Discover facts and information about Roman Mythology with this Roman Gods List

Roman Gods List
A comprehensive Roman Gods List. There were many deities and divinities of ancient Rome and their names and roles are detailed in this Roman Gods list. According to ancient Roman mythology there were 12 major Roman gods and goddesses who are collectively called the 'Dei Consentes' who sat on the Council of Gods and their names are the most famous on the Roman Gods list. However, the Roman gods list also include the names of the lesser gods and goddesses and minor deities. Additional interesting facts and information about the mythology of individual gods and goddesses of these ancient civilizations can be accessed via:

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List of Roman Gods
The most famous Roman Gods and Goddesses who feature of on Roman Gods list are:


Roman Gods List
Click one of the following links to access further facts and information of the deities that appear on the Roman Gods List. The List of Roman gods and goddesses provide the names of all the gods and short definitions of their roles and functions, according to ancient mythology and legend.

A - Z  Roman Gods List

Roman Gods List

A List


Aesculapius, the god of healing and medicine
Abeona, Goddess and Protector of children leaving the home
Abundantia, the goddess of abundance and prosperity.
Acis, god of the Acis River in Sicily
Adeona, Goddess who guides children back home
Aerecura, goddess associated with the underworld and identified with Proserpina
Aescolanus, god of copper money
Aequitas, divinity of fairness.
Aesculapius, the Roman god of health and medicine.
Aeternitas, the goddess and personification of eternity
Afferenda, goddess whose purpose was the offering of dowries
Africus, God of the Southwest wind
Agenoria is a Roman goddess of activity
Aither, Primordial Goddess of the daytime
Aion (Latin spelling Aeon), god of unbounded time
Alemonia, Goddess who feeds unborn children
Alernus god of the sacred grove (lucus)
Amor, Primordial God of procreation
Angerona, goddess who relieved people from pain and sorrow.
Angitia, goddess of snakes and witchcraft
Anna Perenna, goddess of the "circle of the year"
Annona, the divinity of the grain supply to the city of Rome.
Antevorta, goddess of the future
Apollo, god of poetry, music, and oracles
Aquilo, God of the North Wind
Arculus, god of chests and strongboxes
Arimanius, an obscure Mithraic god
Argentinus, god of silver money
Ascensus, god of hillsides
Aurora, goddess of the dawn
Auster, God of the South Wind
Averruncus, a god to avert calamity
Roman Gods List

B List


Bacchus, god of wine
Bellona war goddess.
Bona Dea, the "women's goddess" with roles relating to fertility, healing, and chastity.
Bonus Eventus, divine personification of "Good Outcome".
Bubona, goddess of cattle
Roman Gods List

C List


Caca, a fire goddess
Cacus, an ancient god of fire
Caelus, Titan God of the heavens
Camenae, goddesses of fresh water, prophecy, and childbirth. Their names were Carmenta, Egeria, Antevorta, and Postvorta.
Cardea, goddess of the hinge
Carmenta, goddess of childbirth and prophecy
Carmentes, two goddesses of childbirth: Antevorta and Postvorta, future and past.
Carna, goddess who preserved the health of the heart and other internal organs
Candelifera was the Goddess of childbirth
Carmenta was the Goddess of Childbirth and Prophecy
Ceres, goddess of the harvest and mother of Proserpina
Charon, the ferryman
Chaos, the first of all the gods, who ruled over confusion
Cinxia, Goddess of marriage
Clementia, goddess of forgiveness and mercy.
Cloacina, goddess who presided over the system of sewers in Rome
Coelus, God of the sky
Coeus, Titan God of Intelligence
Collatina, a goddess of hills
Concordia, goddess of agreement, understanding, and marital harmony.
Consus, god protecting grain storage
Convector, God of bringing in of the crops from the fields
Crius, Titan God of the constellations
Cunina, Goddess of infants
Cupid, god of love and the son of Venus
Cura, deity of care and concern
Cybele the Earth Mother, goddess of charity and retribution
Roman Gods List

D List


Dea Dia, goddess of growth.
Dea Tacita ("The Silent Goddess"), a goddess of the dead
Decima, goddess of childbirth and measurer of the thread of life
Devera, goddess who ruled over the brooms used to purify temples
Deverra was the Goddess of midwives and women in labor
Diana, goddess of the hunt, the moon, virginity, and childbirth, twin sister of Apollo
Diana Nemorensis, local version of Diana
Dies, Primordial Goddess of the daytime
Dione, Titan Goddess of the Moon
Discordia was the Goddess of Strife and Discord
Dius Fidius, god of oaths, associated with Jupiter.
Disciplina, personification of discipline.
Dis Pater or Dispater, god of wealth and the underworld
Domitius, god who preserves the home (domus) of newlyweds
Roman Gods List

E List


Edesia was the Goddess of food who presided over banquets
Egeria, water nymph or goddess, later considered one the Camenae
Egestes, Goddess of poverty
Empanda or Panda, a goddess openness, friendliness and generosity
Epona, goddess of horses and horsemanship
Eventus Bonus, God of success both in commerce and in agriculture
Roman Gods List

F List


Fabulinus was the God of children
Falacer, god of the grove
Fama, goddess of fame and rumor.
Fascinus, phallic god who protected from envy
Fauna, goddess of nature and animals
Faunus, god of flocks.
Faustitas, goddess who protected herd and livestock
Favonius, God of the West Wind
Februus, god of purification
Febris, goddess with the power to cause or prevent fevers
Fecunditas, fertility deity.
Felicitas, deity of good luck and success.
Ferentina, patron goddess of the city Ferentinum
Feronia, goddess of plebeians, freedmen
Fessonia, goddess who relieved weariness
Fides, goddess of loyalty
Flora, goddess of flowers
Forculus, protector of doors
Fornax, goddess of baking and ovens
Fontus god of wells and springs.
Fortuna, goddess of fortune
Fulgora, goddess of lightning
Furrina, goddess of thieves
Roman Gods List

G List

Genius, the tutelary spirit of mortals
Gratiae, Roman term for the Charites or Graces
Roman Gods List

H List


Hercules was the God of strength
Hermaphroditus, an androgynous Greek god
Hespera was the Goddess of dusk
Hekate, goddess of Magic and the moon
Hilaritas, goddess of rejoicing and good humor
Hippona was the Goddess of horses
Honos was the God of military honours and chivalry
Hora, elevated to goddess of power after her death, in life she was known as Hersilia
Hyperion, Titan Lord of light
Roman Gods List

I List


Iapetus, the Titan god of mortal life.
Indiges, the deified Aeneas.
Intercidona, minor goddess of childbirth;
Inuus, god of fertility and sexual intercourse, protector of livestock.
Invidia, goddess of envy or jealousy.
Isis, the Egyptian goddess in her Roman form.
Iris, goddess of the rainbow
Roman Gods List

J List


Janus, double-faced or two-headed god of beginnings and endings and of doors.
Juno, Queen of the Gods and goddess of matrimony, and one of the Dii Consentes.
Jupiter, King of the Gods and the storm, air, and sky god
Justitia, goddess of justice.
Juturna, goddess of fountains, wells, and springs.
Juventas, goddess of Youth
Roman Gods List

K List

Roman Gods List

L List


Lares, household gods
Lacturnus god of growing, harvesting, and storing crops
Latona goddess of motherhood and modesty
Laverna, goddess of thieves and charlatans.
Levana, goddess of the rite when fathers accepted newborn babies as their own.
Letum, personification of death
Liber, a god of male fertility, wine and freedom,
Libera, Liber's female equivalent, fertility Goddess
Liberalitas, goddess or personification of generosity.
Libertas, goddess or personification of freedom.
Libitina, goddess of death, corpses and funerals
Lima, a goddess of the threshold
Limentinus, god of limes
Lua, goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed captured weapons
Lucina, goddess of childbirth
Luna, goddess of the moon.
Lupercus, god of shepherds, sometimes identified with the Greek god Pan.
Lympha, often plural lymphae, a water deity
Roman Gods List

M List


Maia, Goddess of fertility and Spring
Mars the God of War
Mana Genita, goddess of infant mortality
Manes, the souls of the dead who came to be seen as household deities.
Mania, the consort of the underworld god Mantus
Mantus, a god of the dead
Mars, god of war and father of Romulus, the founder of Rome
Mater Matuta, goddess of dawn and childbirth, patroness of mariners.
Meditrina, goddess of healing
Mefitis or Mephitis personification of poisonous gases and volcanic vapours.
Mellona or Mellonia, goddess of bees and beekeeping.
Mercury, messenger of the gods and bearer of souls to the underworld
Mena, Goddess of menstruation
Mens, Goddess of the mind and consciousness
Minerva, goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industries and trades, and one of the Dii Consentes.
Mithras, god of soldiers, light, truth, and honor
Molae, daughters of Mars, probably goddesses of grinding of the grain.
Moneta, Titan goddess of memory, equivalent to the Greek Mnemosyne
Mors, god of death and equivalent of the Greek Thanatos.
Morta, minor goddess of death and one of the Parcae (Roman equivalent of the Moirai). The cutter of the thread of life, her Greek equivalent was Atropos.
Murcia or Murtia, goddess of sloth and laziness
Muta was the Goddess of silence
Mutunus Tutunus, a phallic god

A - Z  Roman Gods List

Roman Gods List
Click one of the following links to access further facts and information of the deities that appear on the Roman Gods List. The List of Roman gods and goddesses provide the names of all the gods and short definitions of their roles and functions, according to ancient mythology and legend.

A - Z  Roman Gods List

Roman Gods List

N List


Naenia, goddess of funerals
Nascio, personification of the act of birth.
Necessitas, goddess of destiny
Nemesis, goddess of revenge (Greek).
Neptune, god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses
Nerio, ancient war goddess and the personification of valor
Neverita, wife of Neptune
Nixi, also Nixae, goddesses of childbirth,.
Nona, goddess of pregnancy, one of the Parcae (Roman equivalent of the Moirai, the Fates). The spinner of the thread of life
Nox, Primordial goddess of night, from the Greek Nyx
Nundina, Goddess of the ninth day, when newborn child named
Roman Gods List

O List

Obarator, God of ploughing
Oceanus the Titan god of the Ocean
Ops or Opis, goddess of resources or plenty
Orbona, Goddess of parents who lost their children
Orcus, a god of the underworld and punisher of broken oaths
Roman Gods List

P List


Palatua, goddess who guarded the Palatine Hill.
Pales, god of shepherds, flocks and livestock.
Parcae, the three fates.
Pax, goddess of peace
Penates or Di Penates, household gods.
Picumnus, god of fertility, agriculture, matrimony and children.
Picus, god of agriculture
Pietas, goddess of piety
Pilumnus, guardian god, concerned with the protection of newborns
Pluto, god of the Underworld identified with Dis pater or Orcus.
Poena, goddess of punishment
Pomona, goddess of fruit trees, gardens and orchards
Pontus, Primordial God of the sea
Porrima, goddess of the future
Porus, God of plenty
Portunes, god of ports and harbors
Postverta or Prorsa Postverta, goddess of childbirth and the past
Priapus, God of gardens
Proserpina, Queen of the Dead and a grain-goddess
Providentia, goddess of forethought.
Pudicitia, goddess of chastity
Puta, Goddess of the pruning of vines and trees
Roman Gods List

Q List

Quirinus, a war god and a god of the Roman people and state
Quiritis, goddess of motherhood. 
Roman Gods List

R List

Robigo, Goddess of corn
Robigus, a god who personified grain disease
Roma, personification of the Roman state.
Rumina, goddess who protected breastfeeding mothers. 
Roman Gods List

S List

Salacia, goddess of seawater, wife of Neptune.
Salus, goddess of the public welfare of the Roman people
Sancus, god of loyalty, honesty, and oaths
Saritor, God of weeding and hoeing
Saturn, a titan, god of harvest and agriculture
Scotus, Primordial God of darkness
Securitas, goddess of security of the Roman empire
Semonia, Goddess of sowing
Silvanus, god of woodlands and forests
Sol was the solar deity in Ancient Roman religion.
Sol Invictus, sun god.
Somnus, god of sleep
Soranus, a Roman god of the Underworld
Sors, god of luck.
Spes, goddess of hope.
Stata Mater, goddess who protected against fires
Sterquilinus god of fertilizer
Stimula, Goddess who incites passion in women
Suadela, goddess of persuasion
Subrincinator, God of weeding
Summanus, god of nocturnal thunder
Roman Gods List

T List

Tartarus the primeval god of the dark, stormy pit of Hades
Tellumo or Tellurus, male counterpart of Terra, god of the earth
Tempestas, a goddess of storms
Terra Mater or Tellus, goddess of the earth and land.
Terminus, the rustic god of boundaries
Thalassa, Titan Goddess of the rivers
Thea, Mother of the Sun and Titan Goddess of all that glitters
Themis was the Titan goddess of justice and order
Tiberinus, river god; deity of the Tiber river.
Tibertus, god of the river Anio, a tributary of the Tiber.
Tranquillitas, goddess of peace and tranquility.
Trivia, goddess of crossroads
Roman Gods List

U List

Ubertas, minor agricultural goddess, fruitfulness of soil and plants
Unxia, minor goddess of marriage, anointing the bridegroom's door.
Uranus, Primordial god of the sky before Jupiter.
Roman Gods List

V List

Vacuna, Goddess of agriculture
Vediovus a god of the underworld.
Venilia or Venelia, sea goddess
Venti, the winds, equivalent to the Greek Anemoi: North wind Aquilo or Septentrio (Greek Boreas); South wind Auster (Greek Notus); East wind Vulturnus (Eurus); West wind Favonius (Zephyrus); Northwest wind Caurus
Venus, goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, and gardens
Veritas, goddess of the Roman virtue of veritas or truth.
Verminus, god of cattle worms.
Vertumnus, god of the seasons, gardens and fruit trees.
Vesta, goddess of the hearth, the Roman state, and the sacred fire
Vica Pota, goddess of victory and competitions.
Victoria, goddess of victory
Viduus, God who separated the soul and the body after death
Virbius, a forest god
Virtus, god or goddess of military strength
Volturnus, god of water
Volumna, Goddess who protects the nursery
Voluptas, goddess of pleasure.
Vulcan, god of the forge, fire, and blacksmiths

Vulturnus, God of the East Wind
Roman Gods List



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Roman Gods List

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