Facts about Hera

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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses - Fun Facts about Hera for Kids
Interesting, short facts about Hera with pictures, mythological information and legends for kids

Mythical Facts about Hera for kids
Discover interesting information and fun facts about Hera, the wife of Zeus and the Queen of the Gods on Mount Olympus. The fun facts about Hera for kids provides a list detailing fascinating information to increase your knowledge about Hera in Greek Mythology.

Short, Fun Facts about Hera for kids
Discover the legends and myths and religious beliefs surrounding this famous Greek goddess with these fast, fun facts about Hera for kids and children of all ages. Additional, intriguing information about all of the ancient gods and goddesses and the mythical creatures and monsters that feature in their legends are also available via:

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Mythical Facts about Hera for Kids

Fact 1: She was the Queen of the gods and the goddess of the family, marriage and childbirth

Fact 2: The names of her parents were Cronus and Rhea

Fact 3: She was one of the 12 Olympian gods who resided on the summit of Mount Olympus

Fact 4: She featured in the legend of the Golden Apple of Discord. Eris, the goddess of discord had not been invited to a feast. She threw a golden apple into the banquet of the gods. The golden apple apple had "for the fairest" written on it and the goddesses Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all claimed it. Paris, the Prince of Troy, awarded it to Aphrodite beginning a chain of events that led to the Trojan War.

Fact 5: Her favourite flowers were the dittany, poppy, and lily.

Fact 6: She is often represented in art seated on a throne, holding a pomegranate in one hand and a sceptre surmounted by a cuckoo in the other.

Fact 7: Her husband had many affairs which caused her to be extremely jealous. She was consequently highly vindictive towards his lovers and illegitimate children

Fact 8: She was extremely jealous of Heracles (Hercules) the son of Zeus and a Demigod. She attempted to drown Heracles in a storm and Zeus punished Hera by having her hung in the clouds by a golden chain, and attached heavy anvils to her feet

Fact 9: Her son Hephaestus tried to release his mother from her humiliating position and Zeus threw him out of heaven, and his leg was broken by the fall

Fact 10: Despite the behaviour of her husband she was faultless in her fidelity as a wife.

Fact 11: She was reared by the sea gods Oceanus and Tethys, who were models of matrimonial fidelity

Fact 12: She was on the side of the Greeks in the Trojan War but her husband sided with the Trojans. In the 'Deception of Zeus' she deceived and distracted her husband, enabling the Greeks to obtain the upper hand during the Trojan War.

Fact 13: Children: She was the mother of Ares, Hephaestus and Hebe. Ares was the god of War, Hephaestus the god of Fire and Hebe was the goddess of Youth

Mythical Facts about Hera for Kids

Fun Facts about Hera - Pictures of Hera
When checking out the facts about the goddess Hera its a good idea to have an impression of what she might have looked like. Images, pictures and representations of Hera are found in the ancient sculptures, mosaics, paintings, pictures, pottery and vases that were made in ancient times. Other artists of later periods have also produced some wonderful pictures depicting their ideas of what the goddess Hera might have looked like.

Hera discovering Zeus with Io

In Greek Art the Olympian goddess Hera was often illustrated with images and pictures representing the attributes and symbols associated with Hera. Look at the pictures of Hera and see if you can identify any symbols associated with her famous Olympian goddess which are the peacock, cuckoo, lion, crown, cow and pomegranate.

Hera and the Golden Apple of Discord

Hera and the Golden Apple of Discord

Hera Fact File

Character Facts: Personality: Suspicious, vain, cruel, jealous, vengeful and interfering

Appearance Facts: Appearance: Beautiful mature, regal and elegant

Facts about Symbols: Her symbols were the diadem, veil, sceptre, and peacock. (In the Homeric age peacocks were unknown; it is therefore the later poets who describe Hera surrounded with peacocks, which were brought to Greece from India)

Role of Hera: Her is described as being the goddess of the family, marriage and childbirth

Brothers & Sisters: Hera had five siblings. Her three brothers were Zeus, Poseidon and Hades and her two sisters were Hestia, and Demeter

Roman Counterpart: The Roman name for this goddess was Juno

Name of Husband: Zeus, who was also her brother

Name of Father: Cronus

Name of Mother: Rhea

Facts about Hera - Olympian Gods Family Tree & Genealogy
The facts about this famous goddess cannot be complete without the Olympian Gods Family Tree.

Greek Gods Family Tree & Genealogy

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Mythical Facts about Hera for kids
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Facts about Hera

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