The Amazons

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Ancient Greek Goddesses for Kids - The Amazons
The Amazons, a race of warrior women who featured in Ancient Greek mythology and legends

Discover fascinating information about the fierce warrior women referred to as Amazons who were believed by the ancient Greeks to inhabit the the Black Sea area of Scythia (Ukraine) and featured in the legends and mythology of Ancient Greece. Amazons were believed to be descended from Ares the Greek god of war. The Amazons were renowned for their strength, courage, and great skill in horsemanship and famous for their dislike of men.

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Definition of the Amazons
Who were the Amazons of Ancient Greek mythology? The meaning and definition of Amazons are as follows: The Amazons were a mythical race of fierce warrior women, descended from Ares the god of war. According to Greek mythology the Amazons were a nation of women and it was their custom to bring up only the female children. Any sons born to the Amazons were either sent away to the neighboring nations or put to death.

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons

Picture Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons

Information about the Amazons
The nation of Amazon women were believed to have evolved following a rebellion against their male dominated society. As the descendents of Ares, the Greek god of war, they were fierce, proud and powerful women. They were tall, aggressive and strong-willed women. They excluded men from their society and only mated with vanquished foes, to which they had no allegiance. The men they mated with were either killed or used as slaves. The future of any children they bore from such unions were decided by their gender. Girls were raised by the Amazons but any boys were either killed or sent to neighboring nations. Their society was governed by women and the girls were all raised as warriors, highly adept in the use of weapons such as the the spear, bow and arrows, javelins, short swords and slings. The young Amazons were trained in agricultural skills, hunting, and the art of warfare. They carried shields and wore helmets and armor. They were renowned for their equestrian skills, their command of horse was unrivalled. The Amazons rode bareback, using only a simple bridle to control their horse. According to ancient legends Amazons were often buried with their horses. During battles they attacked their enemies with blood curling screams and terrifying war cries and were seen as equal to men on the battlefield. This was the way of the Amazons.

Queens of the Amazons - Ancient Greek Mythology
According to ancient Greek legends and mythology the Amazon Queen Penthesilea who fought in the Trojan War on the side of Troy against Achilles, who ultimately killed her. Afterwards, when Achilles had stripped her of her arms, the hero was so impressed by her beauty that he wept.

The Amazon Queen Penthesilea

The Amazon Queen Penthesilea

Queens of the Amazons - Ancient Greek Mythology
According to ancient Greek legends and mythology there were several notable Queens of the Amazons. The names of these queens of the Amazons are detailed on the following chart:


Names of the Queens of the Amazons in Greek Mythology

Names of Amazon Queens Amazons in Greek Mythology and Legends
AegeaAegea, a queen of the Amazons who drowned in what became known as the Aegean Sea
AntiopeAntiope, a daughter of Ares and sister of Queen Hippolyta
EurypyleEurypyle the Amazon queen who invaded Ninus and Babylonia
HippolytaHippolyta a daughter of Ares and queen of the Amazons. She was subject of the myth concerning Hercules and the Girdle of Hippolyta refer to the Ninth Labor of Hercules, the Belt of Hippolyta
Marpesia  and LampedoMarpesia  and Lampedo were sisters who ruled jointly
MelanippeMelanippe a daughter of Ares and sister of Queen Hippolyta and Antiope
MyrinaMyrina  a queen of the Amazons who led a military expedition in Libya and won a victory over the people known as the Atlantians
OrithyiaOrithyia, the daughter of Marpesia war strategies and techniques brought great honor to the Amazon empire
OtreraOtrera a consort of Ares and mother of Hippolyta
PenthesileaPenthesilea who fought in the Trojan War on the side of Troy.
Names of AmazonsAmazons in Greek Mythology and Legends

Names of the Queens of the Amazons in Greek Mythology


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