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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses for Kids - Aether
The myths and legends surrounding Aether, the primordial god of light and air

Aether for kids
Discover the myths surrounding Aether, the ancient, Primordial Greek god of light and air. Aether was the son of Erebus and Nyx and the primeval god of the shining light of the blue sky. He provided the atmosphere surrounding the earth which mortals could freely breathe, and without which they would perish.

Aether for kids
Aether and his sister Hemera brought light and day to the world. Together they dethroned their parents, and seized the supreme power. They created Eros, Tartarus, Pontus and Gaia. Read about the role of Aether in ancient Greek mythology. Additional facts about the mythology of gods can be accessed via:

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Aether, the god of light and air

Who was Aether?
He was one of the primeval or primordial gods who was the son of Erebus and Nyx. Erebus was the god of Darkness and Shadows and Nyx was the dark goddess of Night. Aether and his sister Hemera brought light and day to the world.

Aether and the Dynasties of Greek Gods
According to mythology, Aether and the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses consisted of three major dynasties from different generations:

  • The First generation of Ancient Greek Gods were the Primordial deities, to which Aether belonged
    • The Primordial, or Primeval, gods were those that existed at or from the beginning of time and resided within the region of the universe known as the Elemental Chaos
  • The Second generation were the Titans
  • The Third generation of were the famous Olympian gods

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Aether Family Tree and Genealogy
The god Aether was worshipped as the great god of light and air and was the consort of his sister Hemera. Aether and Hemera eventually supplanted their parents to become the most powerful of the primordial gods. Each dynasty of Greek Gods overthrew the previous generation. The children of Aether and Hemera were:

  • Tartarus - Tartarus was associated with the abyss used as a dungeon of torment that resides beneath the underworld
  • Eros - Eros was the god of procreation, a primordial deity responsible for the union between Gaia and Uranus whose children were the Titans
  • Pontus was the primordial deity who was associated with the sea. The sea-gods were born from his union with Gaia.
  • Gaia - Gaia was the great earth mother. The Titans were born from her union with Uranus. The sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus (the sea).

The following Ancient Gods Family Tree details and clarifies the relationship between Aether and the first primordial generations of gods and goddesses.

Ancient Gods Family Tree - Primeval

The Family of Aether - Greek Gods Family Tree and Genealogy
The family members and genealogy of this primordial god can be established via the Greek gods family tree, providing an overview of the relationships between Aether and the principle Greek gods and goddesses. Although Aether is one of the lesser known ancient Greek gods he played an important role in the Greek Gods family tree.

Greek Gods Family Tree & Genealogy

The Greek Gods Family Tree


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